On suitable instruments, the right type of accessories and generally anything related to the classical side of music.

Cello and harp and will try to recommend teachers for instruments we don't profess expertise in ourselves.

Pretty much anything you may need for classical music, from instrument to strings, cases to books and CD's. We most certainly stock a good range of tutor and exam books for string, piano and theory, but if we don't have it in stock - just ask.

The shop has a number of instruments for hire including Violins (sizes 1/16 up to 4/4) and Cellos (sizes 1/2 up to 4/4). This may be a useful option for parents of students just starting off on an instrument, or for parents who do not want to go through the process of buying and then re-selling smaller instruments.

If we can! Usually we can offer a sting instrument repair service and we have contacts who do more radical repairs should your beloved instrument have suffered a mishap.